Model Portfolios

I may be a photographer now, but prior to this, I was a model for 12 years and then ran a successful Model & Promotion Agency for 10 years. I know exactly what it is like to be on the other side of the camera, and I also know what a Model Agency is looking for when you send in your portfolio. I am more than happy to give valuable advice for your career at the same time as taking your photos.

I know that when I did shoots (mostly with male photographers) they would concentrate more on details such as artistic light beams shooting across the background to show off their skills, but they would fail to notice that your bra strap was twisted or your muffin top was showing! I look for things that a woman would notice, and that a model Agency would approve of.

We can also provide (at £50 per session) a professional Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist.