They are only young once! What better memory than a picture that captures their TRUE personality. We don’t just sit them in front of a backdrop and then try to force their cutest smile from them. We let them play and we let them do ‘what they like doing’.

Images are best taken in natural settings - the garden, the beach or the local park. Nature often provides the most interesting backdrops. With twins of my own, I know what a parent wants. I aim to provide you with memorable images and fabulous photographs, of all your children looking at their best-and at the same time!

Kids parties

Could there be a more perfect opportunity or wonderful occasion to take photographs, and create amazing memories of your child, than on his/her birthday? Dressed up in their best outfit, with the whole family present, and more importantly, whilst they are having the most fun! I can also take portrait shots of your child on their own, or with their siblings/family, before the other guests arrive, giving you the benefit of a personal sitting as well as the event itself.